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It All Began with $15 and a Borrowed Horse...


The W.T. Rawleigh Company has been a friend of the family since 1889 when William Thomas Rawleigh began his independent sales career at the young age of 18. He established a goal for himself. With only $15, a borrowed horse, a mortgaged buggy, and four types of “Good Health Products,” he set out determined to become a successful businessman. Rawleigh secured a large number of customers with his dependable service, honest methods, and free trials. He would leave products on “time and trial” knowing that the products would sell themselves.


The Tradition Lives On...


For more than a century, our customers have come to rely not only on our quality products and excellent service, but on the exceptional ideals and principles on which the company was founded. We are proud of our heritage and strive to continue the goals W.T. Rawleigh achieved on his road to success.





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